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Enjoy your trip or holiday in good health

Good health is a very important part of being able to enjoy a trip or holiday. But more important than a healthy departure is a healthy return. Those who prepare well for their trip or holiday have more chance of staying healthy. And that begins with knowledge of everyday matters such as hygiene in the place of destination. For example, the tap water in many countries outside the Netherlands is not drinkable.

Travel Doctor knows all about the conditions for a healthy trip or holiday. We have comprehensive information on the place you are travelling to. We will clearly list all the information that is relevant to you during a consultation. And all the necessary travel items such as DEET, ORS and mosquito nets can be purchased through the webshop. Below are a number of tips for a healthy trip or holiday and a healthy return.

Before you travel

  • Start preparing at least 6 to 8 weeks before you depart.
  • Find out about health risks from Travel Doctor.
  • If you are undergoing treatment, ask your specialist.
  • Make sure that you have enough medication in your hand luggage (if applicable).
  • Take an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses with you.
  • Check your health insurance and make sure that you are sufficiently covered.
  • Make sure that you keep information on any allergies or medical indications (e.g. diabetes) with your passport.
  • Take a well-filled medical travel kit with you. A well-filled medical travel kit contains sufficient remedies for fever, dehydration or diarrhoea, for example. All the precautionary measures specific to your travel purpose are however also essential. For example, mosquito repellent (DEET) and a mosquito net in malaria areas.

During your trip or holiday

  • In addition to taking anti-malaria tablets, it is advisable to avoid being stung by insects as much as possible.
    • You can do this by wearing clothes that cover you as much as possible (long trousers, long sleeves, shoes and socks) and rubbing mosquito repellent or a mosquito pen that contains DEET onto uncovered skin.
    • Make sure that you sleep in a mosquito-free room or under an impregnated mosquito net that closes properly. Use the air-conditioning wherever possible.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm and rub in sunscreen with a high protection factor as often as possible.
  • Drink enough clean water.
  • Only drink bottled water, or boil tap water for at least 10 minutes. Use this to brush teeth as well. Don't use ice cubes. Don't drink unpasteurised milk, don't eat raw shellfish and only eat fruit and vegetables that you have washed/peeled yourself. Don't eat unpackaged ice cream.

After your trip or holiday 

If however you are unfortunate enough to fall ill during or after your trip or holiday, you can always contact your doctor or Travel Doctor.


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