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Vaccinations for Libya.

Travel sickness Libya

DTPRecommended for all travelers
Hepatitis ARecommended for all travelers
Hepatitis BFor stays > 3 months or for at-risk groups
RabiesHigh risk, possible infection of pets, vaccination recommended for at-risk groups
SchistosomiasisIn the province of Fezzan, in Darnah and in the oasis Taourga
Traveler's Diarrhea
Yellow feverRequired, if travelling ( stops ) from areas where yellow fever is endemic
What is Cholera?
An acute intestinal infection caused by bacteria that is found in contaminated water or food. The onset is sudden with vomiting and as much as 10 litres of severe, painless diarrhoea a day. The danger lies in the risk of dehydration and shock. In the Netherlands, there is a cholera vaccine that is administered in liquid form and also provides protection against the E.coli (ETEC) bacteria. This is the most common type of bacteria that causes traveller's diarrhoea. Certain countries in Africa and Asia require proof of vaccination against cholera. This is a stamp that reads "cholera medically not indicated" and is valid for six months. Subsequently, a new stamp must be obtained when travelling to a country for which this is a requirement.
What is DTP?
Diphtheria (infectious throat infection) is transmitted through the coughs and sneezes of patients who have the disease or by healthy people who carry the disease. Tetanus is caused by the Clostridium tetani bacteria, which is found in soil, and can cause an infection when contracted through wounds or cuts. Polio (infantile paralysis) is caused by a virus that is found in the stools of sick or convalescing people and that enters the environment, for example, in drinking water. The DTP vaccine is advised for almost every country and one vaccination provides protection for ten years, provided that you were immunised as a child. If you were not immunised as a child, you should go for vaccinations four to six weeks before your departure date, as multiple vaccinations will be required
What is Hepatitis A?
Inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus. Infection occurs easily through consumption of contaminated water or food. Protection is possible through vaccination. Two vaccinations within one year provide at least 25 years of protection. Travellers are advised to be vaccinated against this disease for a great number of countries, including Turkey and Egypt.
What is Hepatitis B?
As with hepatitis A, this is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver. Infection occurs through blood contact or unprotected sexual activity. Around 400 million people are infected across the world. Many sufferers develop cancer of the liver in due course. Vaccination based on a schedule offers protection for ten years. Travellers are increasingly advised to have the hepatitis B vaccination. There is also a combination vaccine against hepatitis A and B.
What is Schistosomiasis?
A species of worm (Bilharzia) that is found at the surface of fresh stagnant water
What is Traveler's Diarrhea?
Avoid stomach and intestinal infections by being critical about what you eat and drink. No ice cubes and ensure that any bottles you drink from are opened in your presence. Be careful with salads and try to avoid eating anything from roadside stalls. Ensure that food is heated well before consumption. An oral rehydration solution (ORS) can be an effective treatment for diarrhoea.
What is Yellow fever?
Yellow fever is a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. A single vaccination provides effective protection for ten years. Vaccination is required in a large number of countries. A special stamp in a 'vaccination passport' serves as proof.

All advises given here are global. The final opinion is personal and will be further explained during the consultation.
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